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Next Vancouver Paleontological Society Meeting: May 18 (Wednesday) at 7 pm 

The next VanPS meeting is May 18 (Wednesday) at 7 pm, on Zoom, and you are invited to attend and participate.

Title: Talking Rocks: Paleontology Meets Sociology in the Anthropocene

Abstract: In this talk, Dr. Rebecca Yoshizawa will share perspectives as a sociological interloper entering the world of paleontology. From a gruelling trek to the Burgess Shale, to finding a fossil in her backyard, exploring paleontology’s thorny involvement in colonialism, and analyzing the promise of paleontology for saving the world, Dr. Yoshizawa reflects on the personal and the political when it comes to paleontology.

Bio: Dr. Rebecca Yoshizawa is an instructor in Sociology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She teaches the sociology of science, gender, health, technology, nonhumans, and families. Her research has concerned reproductive sciences and politics as well as developmental origins biology, with publications in Body & Society, Social Theory and Health, Feminist Theory, and the scientific journal Placenta. Her current research focuses on paleontology and its role in contentious conversations about deep time, place, and the Anthropocene. 

VicPS members, please look to your email inbox for a missive that includes the Zoom info.

First VicPS General Meeting Online: Jan 21, 2021

On Thursday, January 21, at 7:30pm PST, VicPS will host its first online meeting. We’ll be using the Zoom platform. Paid up VicPS members will receive the Zoom meeting details via email before the meeting time.

In this first meeting, Carol Lowen and Jerri Wilkins will share their experiences exploring some private properties on the Saanich Peninsula, including site photos and a virtual show-and-tell of the few specimens collected.  If you have specimens from the Peninsula or nearby islands, or you’re aware of published papers on that area, bring them along, contribute to the show-and-tell…we welcome your participation!

We all expect this initial use of Zoom for a general meeting to go smoothly. After all, most people have been using some form of videoconferencing since March of 2020, if not earlier, for work and to keep in touch with friends and family. That said, please be patient should we experience delays helping any participant who experiences a technical hiccup.