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Tag: S. Amber Whitebone

Alberta Palaeontological Society meeting, Friday, Feb. 16, 6:30 pm PST

Please look for the virtual meeting connection details in the email to all VicPS members.

The Alberta Palaeontological Society has invited us to their next meeting.

We have two keynote presenters this month, the first is S. Amber Whitebone, MSc, PhD Candidate, University of New England. The title of her presentation is “Bone Cells to Big Dinos: Using Liquid Crystal Polarimetry as a New Tool to Learn about Fossil Vertebrates”. I have attached her abstract and biography. [below]

Our second presenter is Dr. Nicolás E. Campione MSc PhD, University of New England. The title of his presentation is “They come from the land down under: Australian Mesozoic dinosaurs”. [see abstract below]

Depending on the volume of questions that we get for each speaker, the meeting may run 15 minutes longer than usual.