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Tag: Eutrephoceras campbelli

Aug. 22 field trip

When: 8:00AM, Sunday, August 22, 2021

Where: A benefit of membership is the email describing this trip.

Fossils: Fossils that may be found are:

  • Ghost shrimp claws – Callianassa
  • Bivalve – Inoceramus
  • Heteromorph Ammonite – Eubostrychoceras elongatum, mostly fragments and Glyptoxoceras subcompressum
  • Planispiral Ammonites – Epigoniceras epigonum, Hauriceras gardeni and Gaudriceras striatum
  • Nautiloid – Eutrephoceras campbelli
  • Lobster carapace – Linuparis, up to 6-8 cm
  • Limpet – Capulus corrugatus (uncommon)
  • Gastropod – Tessarolax distorta (rare)
  • Flora – unidentified leaves

Directions: Meet at Helmcken Park & Ride at 9:00 am to arrange carpooling.

Equipment: Minimal collecting equipment includes a geological hammer, chisel and safety equipment (gloves and goggles — safety helmet advisable). Footwear should be suitable for wading and walking on wet stones. Bring water, a lunch, and gas money if you’re carpooling. Sun protection may be warranted, too.

Contact: RSVP Jerri Wilkins, Field Trip Lead, via the VicPS Facebook page or via email.