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Reviewing the 14th British Columbia Paleontological Symposium 2023 Victoria

The 14th British Columbia Paleontological Symposium 2023 held in Victoria is now a thing of the past. On this page, we’ll present just a few of the photos that participants have contributed to our VicPS Facebook page, and add some comments and “thank you”s where warranted.

Silent Auction

The silent auction hosted by the 14th British Columbia Paleontological Symposium was a resounding success with over $1500 raised. The funds will be used to cover budget shortfalls and whatever monies remain will go towards helping the Victoria Palaeontology Society support the ongoing education of the public with regard to Vancouver Island’s and British Columbia’s rich and diverse fossil heritage.

We owe the success of the auction not only to those who made successful bids on auction items, but to the many individuals and businesses who generously donated items or experiences to be bid on at the auction. We urge attendees and others to show appreciation for the donors who so willingly supported the 14th British Columbia Paleontological Symposium by purchasing from these businesses, authors, and artists. All donors who donated items are able to take online purchases and are able to ship their products.

List of donors and donations

Dr. Beth Shapiro- Donor of the ‘How to Clone a Mammoth’.

Blue Appaloosa Studios- Donor of the life sized replica of a Tiktaalik skull.

Bone Clones- Donor of the life sized cast of a Castoroides ohioensis skull.

Brett Ford- Donor of the river rock serving board.

Cameron Dillon- Donor of the ‘Cryodrakon: Devourer of Diapsids’ art print.

Dr. Dale E. Greenwalt- Donor of ‘Remnants of Ancient Life: The New Science of Old Fossils’.

Daniel Eskridge- Donor of the short faced bear mug.

Effin’ Birds- Donor of ‘Look Everybody, It’s Some Asshole With A Worthless Opinion’ mug and signed Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification’ book.

Engraved Elegance by Gina- Donor of the Cambrian Life Coaster Set.

Estwing- Donor of the Estwing rock hammer.

Frankie’s Modern Diner- Donor of the $75 gift card for Frankie’s Modern Diner

Marji Johns- Donor of the toy dinosaur bundle and ‘Evolution- The Whole Story’

Massimo Molinero- Donor of the canvass prints of Megantereon cultridens and Megantereon whitei.

Matt Kracht- Donor of the signed and inscribed copy of ‘The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America’.

Dr. Neil Shubin- Donor of ‘Your Inner Fish’.

Northern Formations- Donor of the Dickinsonia Model Kit.

Outland Living- Donor of the Fire-bowl.

Palaeoiris- Donor of the LGBTQ+ paleo pins and the silver deluxe paleo pins.

Paleo Pals- Donor of the Mayan style Andy the Anomalocaris and Oakley the Opabinia pins.

Queen Bee Farms and Apiary- Donor of the Artisan Tea Set and the Robert Bateman Tea Set.

The Raptors- Donor of the $75 gift card for a Close Encounter.

Raven Amos: Donor of the ‘Picks or It Didn’t Happen’ mug and the signed print of Buster the Dinosaur.

Ray Troll- Donor of the signed and unsigned fossil maps of British Columbia and Alberta.

The Robot Princess- Donor of the Megalodon tooth jewelry set and the dinosaur jewelry set.

The Royal British Columbia Museum- Donor of 2 Adult Admission Tickets.

The Royal Ontario Museum and Dr. Jean-Bernard Caron- Donors of the Burgess Shale toy set, ‘Sponges of the Middle Cambrian Burgess and Stephen Formations, British Columbia’, and signed Burgess Shale artwork by Danielle Dufault.

Taylor Custom- Donor of the Ammonite Concretion Keychain and the Burgess Shale Keychain.

Tina Beard- Donor of the Ammonite painting.

Scientifiques- Donor of the Dickinsonia pin, the Burgess Shale bracelet, and the Charles Walcott art block.

Steve Jackson Games- Donor of the signed Munchkin game bundle and the signed Jurassic Snark expansion pack.

Stoic3D- Donor of the 3D printed Smilodon skull.

Studio252MYA- Donor of the Echinoderms poster.

TeeTurtle Games- Donor of the Happy Little Dinosaurs game bundle.

Workplace Studio: Donor of the Ammonite lamp.

Wychbury Ave Soaps and Gifts- Donor of the bath bomb and soaps gift bag.