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VicPS November Meeting: Tuesday, Jan 16th, 2024 @ 7 pm: VIRTUAL ONLY

The January 2024 VicPS meeting will be virtual only. Zoom participation details have been sent to VicPS members in an email.

The in-person meeting at UpTown Shopping Centre has been cancelled due to a threat of snow.

The topic for the evening is Baja B.C. Revisited, a one-hour segment of video from a 26-part series on the latest research into the origin of the Nanaimo Group/Nanaimo Basin. The series was recorded and aired in 2022/23 by University of Washington professor  Nick Zentner.  The 26-part series covers 4 different hypotheses for the origin of the Nanaimo Basin, interviewing a variety of experts conducting the research.  This series became of interest afte Dr. Shahin Dashtgard’s 2022 presentation to VicPS regarding the challenges of interpreting the Nanaimo Group.

Other upcoming events may be discussed, as time and interest allow:

  • January 21st field trip
  • February 7th AGM, at which we need a new volunteer to take over the Treasurer role from our long-serving member Scott MacPhail (and thank you Scott!)

Welcome to 2024 and another year of exploring Vancouver Island.