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October 17 field trip –

When: Sunday, October 17, 2021

Where: Please see email to registered members for location details.

We are revisiting the second site from the September field trip to investigate further. It consists of a few pits, appeared to be created by blasting. In September the hard matrix revealed brachiopods and what appear to be trigonids.

Site suitable for families.

Travel: Meet at Helmcken Park & Ride at 9 am to arrange carpooling.

Equipment: The rock is TOUGH, with fossils in bedrock, not concretions. Bring your big hammers, chisel, safety glasses and gloves. Big boulders can be slippery; hiking boots recommended. Bring drinking water and bag lunch. Dress for rain, wind or sunshine (windbreaker, hat, sunscreen).

Exposure: Upper Cretaceous (90MY before present), Nanaimo Group, Upper Comox to Lower Haslam Formations. This small exposure of Nanaimo Group sediment is gritty sandstone/mudstone similar to Stephenson Point and thought to be Upper Comox to Lower Haslam in age, although no definitive reference could be sourced.