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Month: April 2024

A Season of Field Trips!

Here are the dates of the proposed VicPS field trips. Members will have received details regarding the planned destinations. Feedback to our president on this topic is encouraged, and RSVP to the field trip leader is desired prior to each trip.

DateTimeTrip Leader
April 21, Sunday8:00 amJerri Wilkins
May 5, Sunday8:00 amJohn Kitson
May 19, SundayJerri Wilkins
June 5 – 6, Wed. – Thurs.John Kitson
June 16, SundayJerri Wilkins
June 30, SundayJohn Kitson
July 21, SundayJerri Wilkins
July 28, SundayJohn Kitson
August 18, SundayJerri Wilkins
August 25, SundayJohn Kitson
September 15, SundayJerri Wilkins
September 29, SundayJohn Kitson
October 20, SundayJerri Wilkins
November 17, SundayJerri Wilkins