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Month: November 2020

Nov. 22 field trip

When: 8:00AM, Sunday, November 22, 2020

Where: Dumont Road, Nanaimo

Directions: Meet at Helmcken Park & Ride at 8:00am. COVID-19 protocols remain in effect; masks during meet and greet and travel via separate vehicles.

Exposure: Dumont Road is the site of two quarries containing exposures of the Late Cretaceous Haslam Formation, where beautiful white fossils of the the ammonites Canadoceras and Pseudoschloenbachia, numerous bivalves and gastropods and other diverse fossils have been found, along with occasional plant material.  The lower of the two quarries is now a motocross track and practice may be taking place so awareness and caution are needed.  The upper quarry hasn’t been excavated in many years, but preserves a slightly different fauna – perhaps younger? – than that of the lower quarry.

Equipment: Fossils are found in the rock and in concretions, so a good hammer or sledge, chisel, and protective eyewear are required. It’s a hillside, so expect to ascend and descend slopes with some significant elevation gain, with some uneven footing, but as sites go, it’s an easy walk. Dress for the season and bring lunch and water.

Contact: RSVP Jerri Wilkins, Field Trip Lead, via the VicPS Facebook page or via email.