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Month: May 2018

VicPS meeting May 16: How the world became Modern – Holartic intercontinental dispersal in the Eocene

The May 16 meeting will feature speaker Bruce Archibald of Simon Fraser University  Dr. Archibald’s topic is, “How the world became Modern – Holartic intercontinental dispersal in the Eocene.”  Bruce is a paleo-entomologist and has published a number of papers on Eocene insects, including many from BC.  His talk will focus on  two of his recent papers (one here, another here) and other work.

See you on Wednesday, 7:30 pm, Room A120, Cornett Building, UVic.

May 6 Field Trip report: Muir Creek

VicPS member Jerri Wilkins led the field to Muir Creek on May 6, and reports on the event:

Breaking rock at Muir Creek.

The VicPS took its first field trip of the season to Muir Creek, a 25 MYA late Oligocene site of the Sooke Formation, Carmanah Group. Under the gaze of two curious seagulls and overseen by a lone sea lion rock-basking at the tide line, six VicPS members and two guests tackled the beach-strewn soft sandstones in search of strand-line fauna. A handful of fresh sandstone blocks had fallen near the cliffs and dozens of chunks were scattered across the low tide zone, providing ample opportunity to find the usual abundance of Bruclarkia, Mytilus and clams of various sizes. An impressive horizon of gastropods on the underside of a large slab enticed two members to race against the tide to carefully split off part of the slab as a take away.

Several large tree trunks with patches of coalified wood remain deeply imbedded in the beach, and as per usual, no signs of crustaceans among the proliferation of shells, to Roy’s chagrin. Newest member Carol was amazed at the profusion of fossils and the father and son guests listened intently to instructions and meticulously freed a cockle. The search focused from where the cliffs begin on the Muir Creek end of the beach to the point just shy of Kirby Creek. Bright sun and warm temperatures made for a beautiful day for the first field trip of the season. Looking forward to a REDACTED trip in June, providing REDACTED.

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